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Online Store

Build An Online Store. Today I am going to show you, how you can create an Ecommerce website from start to finish. Okay! So first, let’s see the website we’re going to build. Build An Online Store.

So here it is. Build An Online Store. After watching this video, you will be able to make a website, which has products like these and then we’re going to create pages like these.

And people will be able to add your products to their carts. and they will be able to pay you, through your website and buy products from your site. So let’s get started.

Its going to be very simple. We’re going to make our ecommerce site in 4 parts. The 1st Part is to Launching Your Website Now this is where you get a new website, Live – on the internet.

So to launch your website, we’re going to do 3 steps. The 1st step, is to choose your website name. Now to choose the name, just click the link below this video. So i’m going to click this link and it will take you to this page. Now enter the name you want in this box.

Hosting & Domain

So i’m going to enter and click ‘check availability’

Hhosting is the place, where your website’s files are stored and domain is your website’s name. So to get your hosting and this domain name, just scroll down.

This page and click ‘get hosting’. Now it will take you to this page where we’re going to get our hosting & domain. So to get it, just click get started. Now enter the same name which you selected before and click ‘search’.

Then click ‘select & continue’ Now to get this domain and hosting, we need to create a new account. So let’s click here and then fill up these details and click create account.

Now, here you can see that we’re getting our domain, which is, and our hosting. Now both of these are going to be valid for 1 year, which means once we place this order, your website will be live on the internet for the next 1 year. So, now let’s go ahead & make the payment.

Install WordPress

Just choose your payment method, enter your details and then make the payment. So, now we’ve successfully made the payment, and we’ve got our domain and hosting. So once you’ve got your domain and hosting, you can now go to final step of launching your website, which is to install WordPress.

Now, WordPress is the tool, we’re going to use, to build our ecommerce website. WordPress lets you build websites easily without any coding or programming.

So, let’s see how to install WordPress. To install wordpress, all you have to do is click ‘Add site’. Then enter a username and password for WordPress and click ‘add’. And now wordpress will be installed on your new domain, which is

Okay! So WordPress is now installed and this means, your website will Now be LIVE on the internet. So to check it, let’s go to our website. We’ll open a new tab.


Now if we type, and press enter, you can see that, we have a brand new website, on the name which we selected. So, this is how you can launch, your website on the internet.

So once you have launched your website, you can now go to part 2 of this tutorial, which is to Start Building Your Ecommerce site Now, instead of Building your ecommerce site from scratch, we’re going to first import a sample ecommerce site.

And then we’re going to edit it, to make our own site. So, this is going to really speed-up the process and will let you build your site in a much faster way.

So, to import the sample site, we’re going to do 2 steps. First we’re going to login to our website. So to login to your website, all you have to do is, type /login after your site’s address.

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