International Condemnation After Killing of More than 100 Protesters in Myanmar

International Condemnation

International Condemnation After Killing. There’s been widespread condemnation of the military in myanmar after more than 100 demonstrators.

Were killed yesterday defence chiefs from 12 countries including britain.

The united states and japan issued a joint statement saying that armed forces should protect rather.

International Condemnation After Killing.

Than harm the people they serve the protest started after.

They continued to grow in the two bigger cities yangon and mandalay despite.

A violent crackdown by the army and they’ve.

Now spread to an estimated 40 locations our correspondent.

Laura bicker has been monitoring the situation from thailand and sent this report my son my son.

Why can’t you hear me she cries thirteen-year-old psywei young was playing in the street.

When he was shot and killed [Applause] witnesses say troops opened fire even though no protests were nearby his family are now adding.

Their voices to a chorus calling for revolution.

Living Rooms

These children are not on the street not on the front even not in the living rooms they are hiding they are even that children’s are not safe.

So that means no one is safe in burma.

Over 400 people have now died in myanmar since the military seized power last month some protesters have started to fight back using homemade weapons but.

They’re no match against trained fighters and live rounds the u.s has accused general minang line of presiding.

Over a reign of terror his regime has already been hit by some sanctions but he still has powerful friends russia’s deputy defense minister was given.

A front row seat for yesterday’s armed forces day other diplomats.

Were also in the crowd including from china but 12 military leaders from around the world issued a rare joint statement reminding.

The general that an army is supposed to protect.

Its people not turn their guns on them and yet the protests continue undeterred.

The will of a defiant people determined to restore democracy has so far refused to bend even under relentless fire laura bicker bbc news bangkok

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