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Let’s Learn News English. I’m excited about this lesson one of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go and do one of the things. Let’s Learn News English. That is going to be on this list so good morning good afternoon good evening whatever time of day it is for you I am Bob the Canadian. Let’s Learn News English.

I got my volume up here, Let’s Learn News English. I am Bob the Canadian and you are watching an English lesson about entertainment let me just check to make sure everything is working looks like everything is working really. Let’s Learn News English.well just gonna turn this a little bit this way and we should be good so entertainment. Let’s Learn News English

This is part one by the way as I was making this lesson I realized that this is a quite this is quite a big topic so we’re going to cover it over the next over the next.

I’m having trouble talking this morning we’re going to cover it today and we’re going to look at part two next week and we should be done the topic of entertainment please remember.

That if you have questions Todd will be posting a link in the chat over there please use that forum to ask your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them but once again welcome to this lesson on entertainment I see that we are quickly growing in viewers we’re almost at 200 so let’s get started probably the biggest form of entertainment in Canada and around the world is TV or television.


So TV is the short form and that is what we use the most in English I usually watch TV we don’t often say television although you will hear it and you will read the word television and television has kind of grown beyond just sitting in front of a screen watching what we would call over-the-air television.

Where you need an antenna on your TV most people use their televisions to stream videos as well as watch television so we have a television at home in our living room mostly we use that television to watch movies and not TV shows surprisingly and we also use the TV to watch sports but that gets us into an interesting discussion about.

How we refer to the things that we watch on TV so you could say that you watch a TV show you could say that you watch a TV series in that sense they mean the same thing so this TV show is called friends I actually recommended it as a good television show I just use television tonight a good television show to watch.

If you are learning English but I could also say it’s a great TV series to watch so you could call this a TV show or you could call it a TV series and you’re referring to you know show one all the way up to show 700 but interestingly enough you can also use the word TV show to refer to one one episode of that show so I could say oh I watched a good TV show last night but show or series you also have episodes and seasons.

Let’s Learn News English


So a season is a collection of TV episodes so often a TV show or a TV series will have a number of seasons so every year there will be a new season so when you see you know join us for season three of Survivor it means that there the year before was season two and the year before that was season one inside of the season you.

Will have episodes so you will have season two episode 3 of The Office is perhaps a good episode so it is the numerical type system to how you would refer to a TV show or a TV series so you would have episodes and you would have seasons.

Let me take a sip of my coffee here I went out this morning and got a nice cup of decaf coffee from Tim Hortons I hope some day they actually sponsor me I think I mentioned Tim Hortons and four of us now hmm that is a tasty cup of coffee hey I’ll do one more and then I’ll take some questions the other thing.



I think we use movie a little bit more than we do film but both words are completely interchangeable in English you can go to a movie festival and watch a whole bunch of movies or you can go to a film festival and watch a whole bunch of films.

So the same word movie film and I’m going to jump over to the questions first one is from a Janee oh hello a Janee how are you good to see you again says do you call it a movie a film or a picture in Canada we use all three words in India but film might be more common so that’s a great question.

It ties it in to what I just said old people in Canada might say that they’re gonna go see they’re gonna go to the pictures but we don’t use that word as much in Canada you can use it you know the latest picture from you know Paramount Studios is this but generally.


We use the word movie or we use the word film those would be the two most common let’s see here Demetrio says that’s a great question Demetrios is from the Demetriou from the ukraine says hi Bob is your TV smart or dumb our TVs is kind of in between.

So if you’re not aware many years ago TVs were just TVs you could tune it to a certain channel and that’s all it did but now TVs are actually smart TVs so our TV has some built-in features that are really handy but.

It’s not a new TV the new Smart TVs have net built-in they have YouTube built in they have Wi-Fi built in so you can use your TV almost like a mini computer so no I would say our TV is a little bit smart it’s it’s it’s a little bit old Lally I’m gonna skip your question because.

Let’s Learn News English


It’s not a very common word the word hoot I think you would have to look that one up so Jessie the Canadian says hi Bob the Canadian hi Jessie the Canadian.

I probably went to the movie theater once a month I really really liked going to watch movies so great question there Jessie let’s see here haleh says this is not a not related exactly to the topic but I often when I learned vocabulary in English I often forget.

It can you tell me the way to remember vocabulary repetition is the best way han lei the best way to remember is to use it in a sentence and then to write it out a lot of times it’s not fun to do it that way but that is a great way to do.

It hey I mentioned when you go to see a movie or film I said theater this is how we spell it in Canada ari we don’t say tyotka which would be French we say theater in America they spell it this way notice the e + RR switch and we also call it the cinema so here’s a ticket for the cinema so in English it’s very common for people to use theater or cinema so let’s say oh I’m going to the theater.

We’re gonna go to the theater in you know st. Catharines tonight and we’re going to see the latest Star Wars movie there’s no Star Wars movie right now but you could say oh we’re going to the cinema did you go to the cinema last night yeah we really good film at the cinema last night so this is the name for the building the place.


Theater Entertainment:

Where you go to see a movie ok I think we often say movie theater I think we actually say movie theater the most often I should have put that on the sheet you know oh I went to the movie theater did you see the movie in the theater or did you watch.

It at home so those would be common questions that leads into my next one here a lot of people have home theaters so a home theater is when you buy a really big TV and you buy really good speakers and you have basically you watch.

The English are sorry you watch the film or the movie in your home for you if you are watching English movies or English films a home theater is a better option for you because if you were watching an English film or an english movie in the theatre you can’t pause the movie you know pause the movie to look up a new word and you can’t rewind you can’t make the movie go backwards if you’re in a real theater but if you’re using a home theater if you’re watching an english movie at home you can pause.

Let’s Learn News English

Movie Entertainment:

The movie and you can quickly look a word up that you don’t recognize you can turn on subtitles if you watch it with your home theater and you can rewind a little bit if you didn’t quite understand a part of it so anyways home theater is something.

That many people have so that they can watch a movie at home ok I’m going to pause and just say hello to everyone who’s watching 420 people I’m Bob the Canadian you are watching an English lesson about entertainment if you have questions Todd we’ll post a link over there in the chat and I’m going to answer a few of them in a moment if you are new here don’t forget to click that red subscribe button.

There and all of you if you give me a thumbs up I really appreciate it let’s look at the next question Henry from Taiwan and has the next question hi Bob what genre so that’s what type what genre of TV shows or movies does teacher Bob like thank you so my face kind of TV show is any kind of British drama I really like British television.


Canadian Television:

I like French television from France and I like television shows from Belgium so I am bilingual so I watch English TV as well as French TV and I really like shows from those countries I actually don’t watch a lot of shows from the United States and I don’t watch a lot of Canadian television that’s bad don’t tell the other Canadians but I don’t watch Canadian TV let’s see here Manny says hello Bob how are you doing I couldn’t understand all the dialogue in the film could you please make some suggestions for me.

So two suggestions one watch the movie or film on your computer where you can control a couple of things you can on a computer usually use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the movie backwards so if you watch and you don’t understand you can quickly rewind you can move the I would also say turn on the subtitles maybe watch it once with the subtitles on watch.

It again with them off and I would recommend if you watch a movie on a computer slowing it down just a little bit play it back at 95 percent or 90 percent speed yes this is live TV welcome to the live stream we are 100% live I am in my classroom and I’m here for about 45 minutes doing a live lesson on entertainment.

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