New Questions Over Safety Of AstraZeneca Vaccine For Young Adults Raised By UK

Astrazeneca Vaccine

Young Adults Raised By UK. The safety of the astrazeneca vaccine for young adults has been in the spotlight today the uk’s leading.

Health experts have issued new guidance following,

Young Adults Raised By UK. evidence that in extremely rare cases people who’ve had the vaccine have gone on to develop blood clots the official regulator. Young Adults Raised By UK.

Who’ve already had their first dose of the astrozenica vaccine should go ahead and get the second.

Dose now pregnant women and people with certain blood disorders should consult.

Their doctor for some more advice and the medical regulator has insisted that the benefits of taking.

The astrazeneca vaccine still far outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people our medical editor fergus walsh looks at the factors behind.

Today’s changes turn up get your jab [Music] the message remains the same but in future for the first time the covid vaccine you receive will depend on your age.

That’s because evidence is emerging of a link between the oxford astrazeneca vaccine and very rare blood clots.

The uk regulator the mhra said up to the end of march there have been 79 cases of rare clots with low platelets following.

A first dose of the astrazeneca vaccine 19 people have died that’s out of 20 million who received the jab.

That’s one rare clot in every two hundred and fifty thousand vaccinations these monitoring systems are now detecting.

A potential side effect of the covid19 vaccine astra zenica in an extremely small number of people.

So that changes the risk benefit balance from getting a vaccine.

That this change of course might damage vaccine confidence especially in the young these are really carefully considered decisions.

It remains vitally important that people.

Clots Mostly

The astrazeneca vaccine and very rare blood clots mostly in women under 60. several eu countries had already restricted.

The astrazeneca vaccine to older adults france to those over 55 germany to those over 60. scientists who analyze risk say.

This change of course should not put people off getting a vaccine this vaccine is extraordinarily effective and i you know.

It would be tragic if this led to distrust of this vaccine even worse.

If it was for vaccines in general for coving because it has been shown to be amazingly effective.

It saved thousands of lives already both conservatives and labor urged people to get vaccinated.

The prime minister believes the lifting of restrictions shouldn’t be disrupted.

I don’t see any any reason at this stage at all.

To i think we need to deviate from the road map and we’re also very secure about about our supply.

It’s thought covid vaccines have already prevented 6 000 deaths in the uk and they remain the key.

Ending Lockdown

To ending lockdown and returning life to something like normal fergus walsh bbc news.

Well ever since those first reports suggesting a possible link between blood clots.

The astrazeneca vaccine there have been questions about.

What it means for the entire uk vaccine program and indeed.

People’s confidence in it our health editor hugh pim explains.

The potential problems and the effect that they’ve had.

So far lockdown is easing the vaccination programs going.

Harms from blood clots some medication including the contraceptive pill also has a very small blood clot risk anyone.

A committee of europe’s regulator known as prak drew this conclusion we know.

Bbeen Established

That the benefits of the astrazeneca vaccine have been established.

They prevent it prevents covert disease it prevents hospitalization and it prevents mortality.

So from that in that respect um feels that the overall benefits outweigh the risks so will it delay the vaccine rollout.

Today a new job was delivered for the first time in wales and scotland made by the u.s company moderna.

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