Business English conversation Sales meeting

Business Meeting:

Business English conversation Sales

Business English conversation Sales. So in this ontent you will hear a business meeting between two native English speakers. Business English conversation Sales. so the first person is mrs. Jones who is American and she works for a company called Venus Systems and she is the CEO the chief. Business English conversation Sales.

Executive officer and the second person is mr. Lewis who is British he works for ABC solutions and he is the sales director the meeting is at Venus Systems New York office.

Mr. Lewis has a business proposal for Venus Systems after.

Mr. Lewis pleased to meet you I’m mrs Jones CEO of Venus systems please take a seat good morning mrs.

Business English conversation Sales

Trouble Finding:

The map and directions you sent me were a big help that’s good to know did you have any trouble finding.

A parking space no it was fine by the way I really like your offices what an amazing view.

Yes I never get tired of that view it’s one of the advantages of working on the 50th floor have you been.

To New York before no this is my first visit it’s incredible how big everything is I know what you mean.

L’ve lived here for five years and I still feel very small well thank you very much for agreeing to meet me.

Company’s Products:

ABC Solutions is a British software company founded in 2010 our head office is in London.

we have a second sales office in Manchester in the north of England.

So you have two offices how many employees do you have in total.

We currently have 143 employees across both offices and we expect.

Business English conversation Sales

The product which is called ABC accounts tracks expensive sending.

Reuters managers income generates balance and income statements and other reports and how convene as systems help.

Networking Products:

We would like Venus Systems to sell our software in the USA.

We understand that you already sell networking products and services.

To small businesses we believe your clients would also be interested in our products.

I see you’ve done your research it’s true that we have a lot of existing clients.

Who could be interested in some accounting software I would like to schedule another meeting with you mr. Lewis to discuss this in more detail in fact this will probably need several meetings.

How long are you in New York for I’m here for at least a week although.

I could extend my stay if necessary how about tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

Business English conversation Sales

Several Meetings:

Yes that’s fine for me what would you like to discuss I’d particularly like.

To discuss prices payment terms technical support and training that’s fine I agree that we’ll probably need several meetings to discuss.

All of let’s have the first meeting tomorrow and then we can play it by ear after that good idea well thank you very much for your time mrs. Jones I look forward to seeing you tomorrow well thank you for coming.

All the way from London I’ll see you tomorrow good bye goodbye okay now let’s look at vocabulary so mr. Lewis says those new positions are in sales IT development and tech support.

So IT what does this mean well it is in fact an abbreviation and it means information technology IT is information technology and it simply means it’s the field of computing


Computing Department:

So the subject of computing example we can say I work in IT so this means.

I work in the computing department or I work in the field of IT my job is in computers another example mark is studying.

Tech support tech support this is an abbreviation for technical support.

If you have a problem with a computer awesome software then you call tech support to help so sometimes called a hotline or a helpline.


I would like to schedule another meeting with you mr. Lewis schedule and in fact this has two different types of pronunciation and this is the American pronunciation schedule schedule okay.

But there is also a British English pronunciation schedule schedule okay so here we are using it as a verb to schedule and it means to organize.

The date and time of an event or appointment example.

Let’s schedule the interview for next week and schedule can also be a noun and it means so your diary or your availability.

The manager says let’s have a meeting when are you available and Mark replies I will check my schedule and call you okay so this was the British English pronunciation.

I will check my schedule and call you and with the American pronunciation mark would say.

I will check my schedule and call you okay and finally play it by ear let’s have the first meeting.

Next Tuesday and then we can play it by ear after that so play it by ear is an idiom it’s an expression.

So it’s not a literal meaning and the real meaning is to decide how to manage.

A situation as it develops so in other words we are flexible we are not following a strict plan.

Let me give you a better example so the context is Jane and Mark are going to the cinema before the film.

They have this conversation mark asks would you like to go for a meal after.


The film Jane replies I don’t know let’s watch the film and then play it by ear so Jane is saying.

Let’s not follow a strict plan let’s not decide now.

We will decide later okay so play it by ear and the origin and literal meaning of play.

It by ear well it comes from music so to play a musical composition without reading the music so without reading the music.

If someone plays the piano or the violin without reading music then they are playing.

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