What Is Entertainment? Make Your Life Entertaining

Make Your Life Entertaining


Make Your Life Entertaining. let’s get it started what is entertainment is activity that gives you fun gives you joy or makes you feel good here are some examples of entertainment watching. Make Your Life Entertaining.

A movie going to restaurant adventure live concert going for vacation or museum.

Doing painting gossiping with friends stargazing playing carpentry or reading both.

Let’s take one of these example and discuss in more detail let’s take a movie so you go watch movie and you enjoy.

It you had a good time but sometimes you don’t other times you dislike the movie sometimes you’re angry.

But often times it’s the same movie and different people experiencing different things some people enjoy some don’t which means.


It’s not the movie it’s something else now let’s take another example a tourism people go to New York look at the gigantic products enjoy.

It or people go to Himalayas get mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains and the river or people going.

To Australian Beach relaxing enjoying the beach and one of the famous places F the tower I’ll tell you real story.

I mean I was so tired and the moment I see effort hour all my tiredness was gone.

I was happy I was energetic and people from across.

The globe comes to see fu tower and enjoy but French people don’t find it interesting much people who are upset look.

At the effort hour remain upset people who are angry look at the Eiffel Tower and they are still angry.

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