Korea Again Has World’s Lowest Birthrate UN Report

United Nations

Lowest Birthrate UN Report. A report from the united nations surveying 198 countries finds that south korea has the lowest birth rate of them all it also has one of the world’s fastest aging societies with senior citizens accounting for more. Lowest Birthrate UN Report.

Than 16 percent of the population omg has more south korea again.this year has.

The lowest birth rate in the world according to a report wednesday by the united nations population fund

The average number of children a south korean woman is projected to have in her lifetime is 1.1 that’s the lowest rate among.

The 198 countries surveyed this year and last year but.

It’s down 6 spots from 2019. an expert attributed much of south korea’s low birth rate.

To gender inequality in south korea.

There is a high cost not only to marriage and raising a child but.

It’s also very difficult for women to handle child care while.

They’re working this is one of the reasons why women in this country.

Choose not to have children on top of equality issues.

She said other important factors are a tough job market in recent years and soaring.

Costs of housing and education raising the birth rate.

Including Quality

Will require many things including quality jobs a national care system.

To enable women to stay in the workforce and assist them to eliminate sexual discrimination.

At companies the un report also said that people 65 and older now make up 16.6 percent of the country’s population.

An increase from last year of 0.8 percent this is far higher.

Than the global average of 9.6 percent ranking korea 42nd in the world the imf said on wednesday.

That south korea needs to shift its physical policy to a longer-term framework to prevent.

The aging of its population from causing a dead explosion according to the imf physical monitor report released earlier.

This month the country is currently able to keep up.

The rise in debt caused by coven 19 which is at 53.2 percent of gdp.

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