US President Joe Biden Expels 10 Russian Dip Vladimir Putin

Dramatic Escalation

Russian Dip Vladimir Putin. Dramatic escalation of the u.s russia tensions washington has announced a range of new sanctions against russia in response.

To alleged interference in the 2020 u.s election cyber hacking and bullying ukraine among other things the russian cyber attacks had allegedly targeted the 2020. Russian Dip Vladimir Putin.

U.S elections in actions which could be termed anti-biden after announcing sanctions against russia u.s.

President joe biden has said that now is the time to de-escalate for both.

The countries biden added that it was important for him and putin to meet in person.

So that the two countries could launch a strategic stability dialogue on a variety of global issues how is the time to de-escalate.

The way forward is through thoughtful dialogue and diplomatic process the u.s is prepared to continue constructively to move forward.

That process my bottom line is this where there’s an interesting united states to work with russia.

We should and we will when russia seeks to violate the interests of the united states.

Rrussia Relations

We will respond now these measures come at a tense time for u.s russia relations.

The moves target 32 russian entities and include expulsion of at least 10 diplomats.

The u.s accuses russia of malicious cyber activity and interference in the 2020 presidential elections.

The executive order also bars u.s financial institutions from purchasing rubble dominated.

Bounds from june now the according to the white house the measures detailed in an executive order signed by president.

Joe biden are aimed at deterring russia’s harmful foreign activities following.

Russian Ambassador

The us uk has also summoned a russian ambassador over malign activity poland has also expelled.

Three russian diplomats for hostile actions the european union has voiced support for the united states reacting to the new sanctions russian foreign ministry has said.

That the that response to the new u.s sanctions is inevitable the ministry has also summoned.

The us ambassador to moscow john sullivan calling.

The move a nonsense russia’s foreign intelligence service dismissed u.s claims.

The response to the sanctions will be unavoidable washington must realize that they have to pay for the deterioration of bilateral relations.

The united states of america are fully responsible for what is happening i would also like to say that russian foreign ministry has summoned.

The u.s ambassador we will share with you additional information on the outcome of this conversation which will be uneasy for the u.s side. 

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