St. Vincent Covered In Ash As LA Soufriere Volcano Eruption Continues | World News

Soufriere Volcano Eruption Continues. sofia volcano in the caribbean island of saint vincent continued to erupt on saturday covering.

The country rapidly with thick layers of ash and the strong scent of sulfur white coloured.

Dust has covered buildings and roads around the island including in its capital kingstown. Soufriere Volcano Eruption Continues

The latest seismic activity has transformed the island’s lush green towns into.

Way beyond the shores of saint vincent the neighboring island of barbados has also issued a warning of severe.

Ash fall in the country people on the island of saint.

Lucia which is around 47 miles north of saint vincent.

Also shared images of volcanic ash on their vehicles and homes other caribbean countries including antigua and guyana have offered.

To send emergency supplies to the island after decades of inactivity.

The volcano erupted on friday spewing dark clouds of ash some 10 kilometers into.

The air according to scientists these explosions could continue for days or even weeks more.

Shelters for now four mt cruise ships have been kept in standby mode to take other evacuees.

To nearby islands the ash has forced the cancellation of several flights and poor visibility limited.

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