Xperia Mobile Phone Announcement April 2021 ?

Mobile Announcement

Xperia Mobile Phone Announcement. Hi everyone. Welcome and thank you for joining us today here at the ground floor of the global headquarters of Sony Group Corporation in Tokyo. Xperia Mobile Phone Announcement.

I am excited to deliver the latest Xperia news to all of you around the world. What I am about to share with you will reaffirm what Sony is… a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. It is the same company that our founders envisioned right from the start. Xperia Mobile Phone Announcement.

Their tireless and enterprising spirit has carried us through the past 75 years, providing.

The inspiration that has driven our numerous contributions to entertainment and technology.

But it is our founders’ socially-responsible-approach to business that gives us our enduring foundation.

In other words, Sony’s purpose – “Fill the world with emotion through.

Two years ago, we launched the Xperia 1, a revolutionary addition to our Xperia series that promised the kind of innovative, creativity-focused mobile experiences embodied by the Sony Spirit.

Experiences beyond imagination for the dedicated and passionate.

This is the vision we set for ourselves.

Imagine, we said, a display powered by Hollywood filmmaking, capable of reproducing the colors of a film as the creators intended.

A camera function that incorporates the award-winning Real-time Eye Autofocus of Sony’s industry-leading Alpha cameras. All inside the palm of your hand. Driven by this vision, we continued advancing the Xperia in ways that have surpassed your expectations.

We start from the same basic concept: we must design the product for our communities of interest— the people who share a deep love and dedication for the things they do.


We must be as passionate about the creative experience we deliver as you are passionate about your interests. And so,

We have provided you with a rich collection of creative tools —all integrated into the Xperia— that have kept you connected to your passions, whether it be photography, movies, games, or music.

Indulging in your passions —and sharing them with others— allows you to connect at a deeper level with your friends and communities.

It empowers all of you to keep each other creatively inspired and motivated. These connections are what hold society together, and are central to Sony’s mobile experience.

We do not just provide creators with the tools.

They need, we strive to bring people closer and keep them connected wherever they are, even if separated by distance or circumstance.

It is always people that move you emotionally and give you peace of mind. And now, with 5G, we are empowering creators and their communities with even more opportunities in Sony’s unique ways.

It’s an innovative communication device with 5G mm Wave technology for professionals.

You can immediately upload images to the cloud for immediate distribution as you shoot. Professional photographer, Darren Carroll says.

The capabilities of this device, in terms of getting images delivered to clients quickly, is pretty astounding” In this way, we are approaching 5G as only Sony can, empowering creators with a new digital workflow.

This brings us to the new Xperia. Like its predecessor, the new Xperia is a fast, powerful device that allows you to do more. But speed on its own will not give you the tools you need.

We must use that speed, to transport you, to a world.

New Levels

Where you will enjoy new levels of freedom in your passions, We must deliver both speed and the enriched creative experience that lies ahead. Speed and beyond. And now, I present you with our latest flagship, Xperia 1 Mark 3.

It is a beautiful, powerful device full of features that is created to excite our communities of interest. For photographers.

Our award-winning autofocus gets further enhanced with greater reach and tracking capability.

Than ever before with the world’s first variable telephoto lens in a smartphone.

If you’re a cinephile on the go or a filmmaker.

For mobile gamers, you’re now equipped with even more audio and visual.

Technologies to conquer your games for a better chance of winning.

For audiophiles, for the first time in a smartphone, our built-in speakers can reproduce 360 Reality.

Audio for an immersive experience Where every note surrounds you just as it was intended.

This is just a taste of all the enhanced features in the latest Xperia, made possible by the valuable feedback.

We have received from our communities of interest around the world. Here to go into more detail is Yosuke from the product planning team. Thank you, Kishida-san. Hi everyone.

I’m sure you have been waiting to hear about all the new features you’ll enjoy with the new Xperia 1 Mark 3. Let’s start with photography.

Last year, we made great advancement in speed and accuracy with the introduction of the world’s.

First 20fps continuous burst shooting with autofocus and auto exposure in a smartphone.


With this technology, along with the introduction of our Photography Pro function, attracted many interchangeable lens camera shooters.

A breakthrough in smartphone photography brought us inspiring feedback to challenge us even further.

They were seeking the quality with even more reach and better tracking capability because.

Life is constantly in motion and not everything happens right in front of you.

A careful combination of 12-megapixel sensors and dual Phase Detection technology achieves a perfect balance between quality and speed. Now, you have ultra-fast continuous autofocus on every lens including the world’s first variable telephoto lens reaching up to 105mm.

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